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John was the stills photographer for Director Andrew Piddington’s latest film Sins Of A Father, starring Lambert Wilson, and produced by Graham Leader (producer of In The Bedroom – nominated for five Academy Awards, including Best Picture in 2002). This unique remake of the original film required the producer to reassemble the key surviving members of the original cast twenty five years after the first film, starring Alan Bates. Sins of a Father premiered at The Santa Barbara International Film Festival in 2015 and has been compared to Richard Linklater’s Boyhood, in the scope of its achievement.

These are a selection of behind-the-scenes photographs taken by John with a Leica M Type 240 for the film, Sins of a Father.

“Last year Mr. Leader reassembled the key surviving members of his old cast — Mr. Bates died in 2003 — and remade the film, an almost preposterous undertaking. He added about 25 minutes set in the mid-1980s, grafting a third generation onto what had been a two-generation drama set in the early 1960s, with flashbacks to the war. Now the film, retitled Sins of a Father, is returning from the cinematic netherworld and embarking on its second life at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival, where it will compete in the independent-film division.” William Grimes for The New York Times.

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Watch the trailer here:

Sins Of A Father