Wallis Travel Essays

Travel photography projects from across the globe. Li's intention is to attract and educate viewers by revealing a more thoughtful approach within her photo essays. Her images are empowering portraits of people and landscapes.

East Timor: Trek into the Unknown – The UN. officially pulled out its peacekeeping troops, giving this previously troubled island a chance at optimism.

Connecting Cultures in Latin America – Take in the sights and colors from the north to the south of this fascinating region. Selected photographs from Argentina, Uruguay, Colombia, Nicaragua, Honduras, Panama, Guatemala, Belize, Mexico, Costa Rica and El Salvador.

Living Old Among the New in Asia - shows the relative harmony existing between the ancient cultures and the fast-paced, modern lifestyles of the present in Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, The Philippines and Cambodia.

Middle East and North Africa: The Land and it’s People - features the incredible diversity of landscapes, architecture and people throughout Morocco, Jordan, Israel, Palestine and Egypt.

Estonia: Frozen in Time - A modern monochrome journey through forested environments, the capital of Tallinn and ice fishing on the border with Russia.

The Ends of the Earth: Alaska vs. New Zealand’s Dramatic Beauty - the majesty of Alaska and New Zealand’s nature from sea, air and land.

Darkened Hue  – Selected photographs from Canada and multiple states in America including Oregon,  Maine, Louisiana, Washington, New York, California and Hawaii.

A Celebration of European Life– The diversity of every day life in the European Union seen through the eyes of festival goers, entertainers, street artists and musicians and residents.